A perspective on Life Drawing

A perspective on Life Drawing

Drawing by Matisse

The new tutored class, Life Drawing – a Natural and Expressive approach has just started at the Paddock Art Studios on Friday evenings, 7-9pm. There are still places and you are welcome to join mid-course. Here’s a little more about the classes and my background in Life Drawing.

I remember years ago before going to art college, seeing a friend’s life drawings and feeling incredibly curious about the skill required to create such expressive drawings of people taking various different postures. It was only when I broke my foot and had to give up my waitressing job that I had the opportunity to try Life Drawing out for myself. I was hooked from the first class and thought ‘this is what I want to do!’ I drew, then I modelled; I applied and went to art college and eventually I started teaching life drawing myself, so I have an understanding of the life class from all perspectives.

Life Drawing is often seen as a bit of a daunting proposal for many people. How on earth do you manage to convey the complexity of the form and expression offered by another human being; where do you start? There’s the form and structure, line, tone and texture, composition of the figure in space, perspective and expression and gesture to capture and work out.

In these classes we will look at the different elements that contribute to drawing from life – capturing the gesture and movement, developing a sensitive touch in drawing contours, experimenting with different materials, understanding the mass of the figure using tone, learning about the structure of the form, seeing perspective and relating the figure to the surrounding space. You will have the chance to focus on these elements individually through guided exercises as well as the opportunity to bring all these elements together in longer poses.

I offer warm guidance and encouragement and invite you to focus and engage mindfully in the moment by moment process of drawing. Whether you are totally new to Life Drawing or have some experience you will have the opportunity to learn a range of new skills and approaches, and have a lot of fun in the process.

Please contact me if you’d like more information or feel curious to try out Life Drawing!