Mindfully Creative | Anyone Can Learn the Zentangle Method!
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Anyone Can Learn the Zentangle Method!

Anyone Can Learn the Zentangle Method!

The magic of Zentangle is that you don’t need any previous artistic experience and don’t have to think you need to be able to draw to do it. As long as you’re able to follow a few simple strokes    )   O   –   you’ll be able to follow the easy instructions to create beautiful Zentangle patterns. Having said that, artists can also gain a lot from working in this way as there is no planning and it can help access creative flow. It’s something akin to doodleing though you also have 100’s of pre-structured patterns as a resource.

I’ve found it helps me tune in to a more relaxed way of being through focusing on each pen stroke and seeing the patterns emerge. Simple strokes can create beautiful and complex patterns. It’s very satisfying! And there are no ‘mistakes’. When something doesn’t go as planned you can use that as an opportunity to adapt what you’re doing…just as in life! Please see the Events Page for details of Zentangle classes or give me a ring on 07717 240307 if you’d like to find out more. I am trained as a Certified Zentangle Teacher and  run classes locally, take Zentangle lessons to community, social or professional groups and also offer 1-2-1 sessions. I started my Zentangle journey with a lovely book called ‘One Zentangle a Day’ and I still aim to keep up that practice. Here are a few from this week.

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