Experimental Drawing & Painting, Autumn 2018

Experimental Drawing & Painting, Autumn 2018

Collage in blue, student work

Last term we used different media as a springboard to delve, play & explore creatively. We started with drawing; exploring conventional and unconventional materials, then moved on to painting; discovering the range of marks, brushstrokes, gestures that can be made, and learning about using colour. Then we delved in to mixed media, printmaking and collage, using a variety of tools and approaches. Becoming intently involved in the very process of making and using materials can be a clever way of accessing our natural creativity and by-passing the analytical, critical part of our minds that can sometimes thwart us from feeling free and playful. It was a lot of fun and there were some wonderful pieces that were produced. There is a different theme each term, and the course runs concurrently on Monday mornings in Isfield and Friday mornings in Lewes.

“Great teacher who inspires creativity and a very supportive atmosphere. I would highly recommend this class.” CW, Brighton

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