The 6 themes of the Experimental Art courses

The 6 themes of the Experimental Art courses

Each term offers a different theme and I currently have 6 themes, running over a 2 year period, but you can join at any time as each term is self-contained and not dependant on any previous art practice.

These courses are about exploring and supporting our natural creativity. The emphasis is on encouraging experimentation and play with a mindful approach to working with materials and techniques. I have developed 6 themes which use various sources as inspiration – materials, mark-making, artists & art movements, nature, found images, imagination, music. When a course is repeated it may well vary in content, partly due to the nature of the creative process and partly because I teach in response to the individual’s and group’s needs.

The Creative by Nature Days are a stand alone days with a different focus each time.

Materials and techniques  Exploring a range of drawing, painting, collage, printmaking and mixed media techniques

Methods of Surrealism and Abstract Expressionism  Trying out different approaches & techniques used by artists in each of these movements

Objects and Elements of Nature Using objects from nature and the theme of the elements, Earth, Water, Fire and Air as inspiration

Drawing & Mixed media  Drawing as design, for observation and expression. Mixed media techniques, building up layers

Exploring Pattern Patterns in nature, culture, from gesture & mark making. Looking at artists and designers that use pattern in their work

Image and PrintUsing images and text from magazines, books and photos as a starting point to make drawings, paintings and prints

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