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Welcome to Mindfully Creative, a synthesis of Creativity, Mindfulness & Nature. I offer a range of creative classes & courses including experimental drawing & painting, life drawing, creative by nature days, Zentangle & drawing mandalas. I also produce and sell my own mandalas, drawings, prints & collages. I hope you enjoy exploring this site and look forward to hearing from you if you’d like to join me for any events or to buy some of my work.

Walking can help us re-connect with ourselves and nature and develop a sense of wholeness and peace that’s hard to find in our frequently hectic daily lives. A walk creates space to become very present with every step, breath, sight and sound as we explore the countryside in all seasons. I no longer run a programme of walks but can lead mindful walks for groups on request.

Life Drawing

Encouraging a natural and expressive approach to drawing the figure from life and learning to understand and relate to the human form through gesture, contour, texture and tone using a variety of media. The classes will introduce you to a range of techniques and approaches – some more classical and some more experimental – encouraging good observational skills as well as creative expression.


Experimental Drawing and Painting

Enjoy exploring a range of experimental approaches to art through drawing, painting, collage, mixed media and mono-printing. Working from both observation and the imagination there will be guided exercises, an opportunity for individual projects and occasional collaborative work. These courses are suitable for beginners as well more experienced artists and offer the opportunity to widen your creative expression, address creative ‘blocks’ and encourage more spontaneity and mindfulness in making art.

Creativity Groups

Exploring Mandalas – a year long creative exploration for women based on The Mandala Workbook by Suzanne Fincher, starting in January each year. See the blogs for more details of the monthly creative sessions.


Creative by Nature Days

Helping to free you up and discover how to tap in to your natural creative flow. Mainly practical in nature you will have the chance to explore different materials and techniques – drawing, painting, mono-printing, collage and pattern making. The days will incorporate short mindfulness practices to bring you into the NOW of being creative.

The Zentangle Method

An easy to learn, relaxing and fun way of creating beautiful images from structured patterns, than anyone can do. You can try it out at an introductory class or explore it further by joining a short course in Zentangle or ZIA (Zentangle inspired art)

The Zentangle method is paradoxical and wonderful in the way the simple method that anyone can learn has the potential to open the gates to a flow of creativity and create a sense peace and relaxation. The method involves learning how to draw patterns one step at a time, with mindful attention, and put these patterns together to create beautiful images. The possibilities are endless!

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